The A Team

Get to know who we are.


Daniel Haziq

Founder & Marketing Manager

Born and raised in Malaysia and Graduated with a Computer Science degree in 2012. Daniel worked for an IT company as a sales executive and after joined an event company as a sales and event coordinator. He then found his passion in events.


Daniel learned how to do branding, marketing and started KLCALLING events company in 2014 and as time went on, he started realizing the rise of the digital age and the power of social media and Digital Marketing.


So in 2016, KLCALLING evolved into a digital marketing agency! He loves coming up with ideas, executing it and studying the data to see if it works. He also enjoys networking and meeting new people.

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Eliqa Shaza

Partner & Creative Director

Born in Malaysia and spent most of her young adulthood in Dubai, Qatar and Vietnam. She has over 7+ years in all things media.



Eliqa is a filmmaker, videographer/editor and a social media content creator with a Bachelors Degree in Film Production from Dubai. She’s been working in Dubai and Vietnam for the past 7 years working on productions and projects such as; music videos, managing and creating content for multiple brands social media platforms, working in production for Hollywood movies such as Start Trek and War Machine along with TV shows like The Amazing Race.


Eliqa enjoys building relationships, painting, getting her hands dirty and anything to do with expressing her creativity.

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Eddie Pratt

Company Advisor

Over 20 years phenomenal expertise in leading full cycle IT project deployment and system management within set timeframes as well as budget. Eddie has also successfully spearheaded the roll out of large scale IT projects including requirements analysis, software development as well as site implementation on time and budget.


Eddie has managed to build quite a large skill set over the years,

some of which includes; team leading, project and risk managing

and also budget control.


His passion now is to assist businesses to become the best version of themselves and thoroughly enjoys consulting and sharing his knowledge in business.